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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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Ikeda was a strong advocate of establishing the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) which ends in 2014, and he now calls for a successor framework, an educational program for a sustainable global society to start in 2015, focused on fostering agents of positive change.
This interchange adds a passion to our society and helps to raise our esteem within the global society.
Students will be inspired and challenged to learn, grow, communicate, and accomplish academic, intellectual, social and citizenship goals in an ever-changing global society.
The Prime Minister yesterday pledged to work with US President-elect Barack Obama to build a new global society in which the markets are subjected to morality and ordinary people's interests are put first.
Summary: A Phoenician-style boat will soon set sail for Europe from the port city of Tyre in a bid to highlight the contributions of the ancient peoples of current-day Lebanon to human civilization, as well as the role that the country can continue to play in modern global society.
The new quarterly journal is "academically-oriented" title that is devoted to the study of various misused and, in particular, abused drugs and their effects on global society.
CAPEA is an organization which is committed to developing school leaders who have the best interests of our students at heart and to preparing leaders to be meaningful participants in a global society.
As we move toward being a global society, we need to make sure we understand different cultures and interact with people from various cultures.
He was selected due to his achievements as an individual and his accomplishments contributing toward the betterment of our global society.
The researchers believe global society must embrace safe alternatives to solid fuels if the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved, and they point to examples of interventions already in place that have rapidly bettered the lot of solid fuel users.
In our increasingly global society, Jung's concept of the collective unconscious is particularly relevant to what often turns out to be the root of much chronic disease.
The increasingly complex nature of our global society requires individuals with an even greater awareness of multiculturalism, values and ethical, leadership and professionalism.
He delineates a global society with hope for everyone.
Schneider offers a wealth of essential techniques and strategic ingredients in addition to innovative recipes that reflect our global society.
Williams is active in teaching and advising many international students pursuing advanced degrees in performance and pedagogy at Ohio State and has conducted research on the increasing mobility of students across national borders and the challenges and rewards of cross-cultural study in the arts, especially cross-cultural teacher training in a global society.
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