Global Positioning System

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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver


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GPS Systems; 15-528 -- REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP # 3687 The City of Savannah is seeking to lease a global positioning satellite (GPS) system and services for one (1) year to serve offenders within the Savannah Impact Program (SIP).
Using its patented global positioning satellite system--Autograph--the company piloted cents-per-minute insurance in Texas in 1998 to 1999.
Expanding the number of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) or Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) handsets from today's levels will be an important step for 3G carriers to provide the applications their customers really want," says David Chamberlain, In-Stat analyst.
Adrian Richmond, the plaintiff, was originally offered $200,000 from the defense, which relied on information obtained from a state-of-the-art Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) installed in the truck involved in the accident.
The training for each member includes land navigation using a global positioning satellite, emergency medical technician certification, desert and winter survival, and mountaineering.
Improvements include the development of a bomb rack to handle 500-pound bombs that will be guided to their targets by global positioning satellite systems.
Currently launched by Navy strike aircraft, JSOW is a revolutionary glide weapon that uses global positioning satellite information to find its target.
It includes fiber-optic tools for looking through small holes in walls, a global positioning satellite mapping system and a device that uses superheated air to cut through steel 4 inches thick.
This versatile, industry-standard design supports a wide range of rugged industrial SBC applications including data acquisition, video processing, point-of-sale terminals, telecommunications, global positioning satellite (GPS) devices and motion control.
Global positioning satellite connections let a program grab information from a plugged-in GPS peripheral, a box the size of a TV remote.
GlobalWave's global positioning satellite (GPS) capability allows tracking and monitoring of virtually anything that moves -- locating assets to within 30 feet.
The Next Vehicle Arrival system uses Orbital's proven Global Positioning Satellite technologies to determine the exact location of each MTA bus.
Sponsored by outdoor equipment manufacturers, the expedition will photograph and document any signs of the original forty-niners' passage, noting the coordinates of the site with a global positioning satellite navigator the BLM has loaned the group.
Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced the donation of 11 Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) enabled handsets, taking DC Central Kitchen's meal transportation and delivery system high-tech.
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