climate change

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a change in the world's climate

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The ReCom results meeting 'Aid and Our Changing Environment' is an opportunity to discuss the role of foreign aid in the pursuit of a sustainable human development in a world characterized by global environment change and the increasing need for planetary stewardship.
Haidong Kan is from the School of Public Health and Institute of Global Environment Change Research, Fudan University.
The Project aims to unite scientists across the traditional boundaries in both the pure and applied sciences to harness the power of the sun and tackle the biggest challenge facing the world today: meeting the increasing food and energy needs of the world's population in the context of an uncertain climate and global environment change.
and 19 other countries to double green energy research and development (R&D) investment to tackle global environment change, provide low-cost clean energy to consumers, and to generate additional commercial opportunities in the clean energy economy.
Science was not the only solution to overcoming public mistrust, according to the Global Environment Change Programme, the UK's biggest social science research initiative.
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