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Synonyms for cosmopolitan

Synonyms for cosmopolitan

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

experienced in the ways of the world; lacking natural simplicity

Synonyms for cosmopolitan

a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries

growing or occurring in many parts of the world

composed of people from or at home in many parts of the world


of worldwide scope or applicability

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He expressed these views in a religious ceremony on the topic Teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the concept of global civilization, here on Wednesday.
For example, Al-Beblawy (2006) argues that the world is not divided between West and East, but rather there is a single global civilization with multiple tributaries, and the Muslims are partners in that civilization.
You stand up for goodness or you don't, you're kind to others or you're not, and we've still not figured that out as a global civilization.
argues that only deep structural changes within capitalist economy itself ones that make the economy serve the person, rather than the reverse--will enable global civilization to reverse its downward spiral.
For though Western civilization has committed its share of injustices, students can't help but notice when they leave the classroom the priority of Western moral and political principles in global civilization.
Another issue is the question of global civilization, what such a concept might mean, whether it is a realistic possibility, and what forms identity with global civilization might take.
Papers cover such topics as holistic sustainability, working beyond predictability and sustainable global civilization, with sets of papers on political and social issues such as the collision of federal and local global warming policies in the US, planning and development, including a study land recycling ecology, with a survey of coral reefs, design and sustainability, safety, and water resources, such as hydropower systems and toxins.
Though Enlightenment universalism has self-destructed, we all still feel a tension between our desire for modern benefits that stem from global civilization and our natural attachments to beliefs and practices we regard as sacred and threatened.
In this context, the United States is but a tool to liberate Muslims, end the evils of terrorism, and provide Muslims the freedom to practice their faith and contribute to a global civilization.
Any Regionalism informed by this sense of love, and with a determination to do the best for local culture and global civilization is a powerful step in the right direction.
We now live in a single global civilization, that is no more than a thin veneer that conceals the immense variety of cultures and traditions forming attitudes.
Could they find some common action on ways of moving the mountain, towards a 'safer global civilization with more inclusiveness, more solidarity', as Figueres put it?
Christianity has transformed Western and global civilization and will transform it in the future: this is the message of Schmidt to Christians and non-Christians alike.
In Mawdudi's reading of the Holy Book--presumably occurring in a vacuum unlike the above-mentioned work by Esack--the program for a transition from a Meccan to a Medinan Islam is expressed in a confrontational and exclusivist languag e guaranteed to present "Islam" as an unreasonable and obsolete element in a global civilization.
Its aim is "to enrich understanding of the role that science and technology have played in the history of Western civilization and culture, and through that in the emerging global civilization.
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