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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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If global capitalism survives the current crisis--Soros doubts it will--it can only lead to further excesses and a more dramatic collapse.
In New York and Paris, global capitalism ruptures from above and beneath its streets in contained bursts as distinct architectural extensions of older identities (ie Battery Park and La Defense).
There are, of course, differences of nuance in the positions of these people, but the thrust of their perspectives is the same: to bring about a reformed social order and a reinvigorated ideological consensus for global capitalism.
Judt worries about our complacency, our ignoring the degree to which the terrifying ups and downs--the ups being almost as disorientating as the downs--induced by global capitalism make life hell for all those who like to live in quiet and settled times, those conservative-minded people who love tradition and continuity.
Through a series of case studies from around the world, Capitalism and Conservation presents a critique of conservation's role as a central driver of global capitalism.
Kurt Burch's essay on the notion of "property" in the state system and in global capitalism similarly fails to complete its analysis.
Often, in their remedial mode, dominant institutions of globalization launch programs involving poverty reduction and inclusion, programs that try to conceal the "exploitative nature of that inclusion" (31) because these programs are parts of the purposive, developmentalist project of global capitalism.
This is largely the message communicated by George Soros, the wealthy hedge fund operator and philanthropist, who has in recent years become a surprisingly harsh critic of the same global capitalism and American-led democratization he had long championed (and profited from).
The problems that global capitalism poses are not merely, nor even primarily, economic or technical, but moral and spiritual.
The attack on the Trade Centre was an attack on the G8 and as such an attack on global capitalism.
Fortunately, there is another movement growing alongside those of global capitalism and terrorism.
A triumphal global capitalism devours cultures and ecologies, blithely ignoring the collateral damage of progress, celebrating the creative destruction of peoples and the earth wrought by industrialization and the onslaught of modernity.
It is particularly striking to read, in the wake of the 2000 election, a book about a third party Presidential candidate who denounced the two lookalike, corporate-dominated parties, who was accused of stealing votes from the Democrats, who was a public intellectual and policy expert advocating protections for ordinary citizens against the predations of global capitalism, who wore rumpled suits, was a workaholic, a visionary, ill-at-ease in snobby Washington society, who galvanized the left, infuriated liberals, and ultimately got 2.
In the world of triumphant global capitalism, the small countries line up for handouts at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, then meekly follow orders.
Nevertheless, the argument that Malaysia was hunky dory before falling victim to the dark speculative forces unleashed by the Darth Vaders of global capitalism does not add up.
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