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an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes)

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CLAIMS that recent cold weather does not invalidate global warming theory, that northern countries will be colder for a while as melting ice drifts south, fail to convince.
If you subscribe to the global warming theory, it will get colder for us in the UK, as the melting ice flows will cool the oceans, which is where, according to physicists, 90% of the heat for the earth's climate system comes from.
There's as much proof that God took it out on that county for producing Mary Coughlan, Daniel O'Donnell and Enya than there is for the global warming theory.
Global warming theory has never been tested and is based on a series of computer models, he says.
According to the global warming theory, the rise in temperatures will increase the amount of rain therefore raise the sea level which isn't the case here," he added.
The 'greenhouse' gas carbon dioxide is widely believed to be a main culprit in the global warming theory -- and this Gulf country is especially at risk from a projected rise in sea levels and even drier weather conditions, Dr.
In his report, "A New Global Warming Strategy" published by Earth Save International, physicist Noam Mohr refers to data by James Hansen, the "grandfather of the global warming theory.
Claude Allegre, top French geophysicist and an originator of the global warming theory, has reversed his position, declaring the campaign is now motivated by money.
He wrote that the global warming theory should be tested, adding: "Meanwhile we are living in a period when things are warming up, so we should manage any unhelpful consequences of that and welcome the good effects it will have.
Present global warming theory has a huge following by those I would put in the category of extreme environmentalists.
In 1998, the company donated $10,000 to the science and environmental policy project run by Fred Singer, a highly vocal critic of the global warming theory, and also gave $65,000 to the Atlas economic research foundation, which promotes Singer's work as offering 'a wealth of information, credibility, and encouragement.
It's a dubious indicator, however, in the face of polls that betray a widespread ignorance of even the most fundamental principles of global warming theory among Americans.
The president, along with some congressional allies, still clings to the Crichtonesque fiction that there's no conclusive scientific evidence to support the global warming theory.
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