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a crystalline amino acid occurring in proteins

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In this study, various combinations of the optimal concentration of Gln, Glu, GlyGln and AlaGln were used to examine the effects of mTCM-199 on IVM for 44 h, the effects of mTALP on IVF for 6 h and the effects of mNCSU-23 on IVC for 168 h.
Since 2001, Lease Accelerator and the GLN have supported transactions in 45 countries, spanning a wide variety of asset types, including corporate aircraft, construction, forklifts, furniture, IT, mining, networking, and transportation equipment.
The approver oversees the management and ongoing maintenance of the GLN Registry for Healthcare.
Yn ddiddorol iawn mae''r eitem ar y rhaglen yn cael ei chloi wrth y ffowntan newydd ar y Maes, lle mae plant yn chwarae yn eu dillad nofio pan mae hi'n braf - sefyllfa mor wahanol i'r hyn oedd yn bodoli yn yr 1860au lle byddai pobl hefo bwced yn gobeithio am ddwer gln," ychwanegodd.
b) Log-on to our virtual GLN Classroom from any personal computer or mobile device from around the world and be connected with our North American teacher at our GLN Teaching Studio, GLN Classrooms, and/or other virtual participants.
Innovative Virtual Collaboration - GLN will provide a mechanism which allows experts and users to share ideas and exchange insights focussed on examples derived from real agricultural problems.
GLN Corporation CEO Ichiro Nakaji said, "This has been an exceptional quarter in terms of gold production, which has seen us strengthen our position as a profitable, cash generative gold production company in Xinjiang, PRC.
GHX recently completed a series of GLN enablement pilots with its customers, including healthcare providers, suppliers and distributors, to support the healthcare community as it implements GLNs and other global data standards in supply chain transactions.
Recently, Gln has come to be regarded as an essential amino acid for the gut in some species of animals when their body is in some specific physiological or developmental conditions, such as infections and injuries (Van der Hulst et al.
Participants in Premier healthcare alliance GLN Transaction Program preparing for adoption of supply chain standards to meet industry sunrise date
IAG Cargo said it would work with GLN on providing flexible distribution channels via its 350 air freight destinations.
Customer master cleanse service facilitates GLN cross-referencing for accurate GPO administrative fee reporting and GLN sunrise compliance
DIDDOROL iawn oedd darllen llythyr Ann Jones Pentrefelin (Chwefror 24, yn dweud iddi weld grifft llyffant ar Ionawr 28, a dau Robin Goch yn gln efo'r adar eraill) sydd yn sicr yn profi fod y tymhorau'n cychwyn yn gynt.
The ingested Gln can be further metabolized to [alpha]-ketoglutarate and amide group, which is incorporated into the Krebs cycle to supply energy and synthesize purine, pyrimidines in the intestinal cells (Krebs, 1980; Wu et al.