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a crystalline amino acid occurring in proteins

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Gln supplementation increased the mRNA expressions of EGF, IGF-1, and IGF-IR in the jejunal mucosa (p<0.
com/) for all RCTs investigating the effects of Gln enriched nutrition support ("nutritional support," "nutrition supplement," "enteral nutrition," "parenteral nutrition (PN)," "TPN" and their variants) on postoperative ("surgery," "operative," "operation," "preoperative," "preoperation," "perioperative," "perioperation," "postoperative," "postoperation," "resection," "gastrectomy," "enterectomy" and their variants) patients of GI tumor ("GI," "upper GI," "lower GI," "digestive tract," "gastric," "colon," "colorectal," "cancer," "neoplasms" and their variants) published from 1966 to May 2014.
performed on perchloric###-Aspartate###-Increase in Glu Gln and GABA in ECM###DCA survived.
The approver oversees the management and ongoing maintenance of the GLN Registry for Healthcare.
Yn ddiddorol iawn mae''r eitem ar y rhaglen yn cael ei chloi wrth y ffowntan newydd ar y Maes, lle mae plant yn chwarae yn eu dillad nofio pan mae hi'n braf - sefyllfa mor wahanol i'r hyn oedd yn bodoli yn yr 1860au lle byddai pobl hefo bwced yn gobeithio am ddwer gln," ychwanegodd.
Yn wahanol i "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau", cafodd yr anthem "Cymry Gln Americ" ei chyfansoddi gan Gymry alltud yn byw yn America.
Etihad Crystal Cargo is a valued Descartes customer, and we are pleased that we could extend the value of our GLN to help them comply with Cargo 2000,' said Edward Ryan, executive vice president, global field operations for Descartes.
El residuo que mayor numero de interacciones genera en la GSTZ optimizada (en ambos medios) es Gln 58, lo cual es corroborado con los resultados del docking de la estructura optimizada en agua ya que las tres poses con posicion similar (13, 15 y 22) a la de glutation tambien tienen ese mismo residuo.
La arquitectura mas usada se compone de cinco modulos (ver Figura 1): reconocimiento automatico del habla, procesamiento del lenguaje natural, gestion del dialogo, GLN y sintesis del habla; ademas el sistema se compone de una memoria donde se almacena la informacion obtenida en el proceso de dialogo y una base de datos de la que el sistema obtiene la informacion que dara a conocer al usuario.
A substitution of cytosine for guanine, also located in VD 1, resulted in Gln instead of Glu at amino acid position 117, as found in genotype B and strain 6BC (numbering according to the ompA amino acid sequence of the C.
Through the GLN, McGraw-Hill Higher Education will deliver online courses with multimedia-rich content that incorporates animation, streaming video, and personalized assessments.
The GTIN is a number code that uniquely identifies a product throughout the global supply chain, while the GLN uniquely defines the location, such as a purchasing department, warehouse or retailer.
In the table in that article, the abbreviation for the newly introduced glutamine should be Gln not Glu.
NYSE AMEX: MBA) (TSX: MBA) ("CIBT Group") is pleased to announce that a new connectivity platform, named GLN Desktop, has been added to its Global Learning Network ("GLN") platform.