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Synonyms for glitch

Synonyms for glitch

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine


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15am, glitches continued to affect the operations, leading to a subsequent halt in the resumption of full trade, as pre-open session orders were still not getting executed.
One of the reasons we chose Hitches & Glitches was because of [its] fundamental awareness of the structural design and core services of the building, and the impact of that on residential home maintenance.
offerings, with Hitches & Glitches becoming preferred installation and
Iman said: "We interviewed some leading glitch artists and designers and set up a website where people could contact us and send us their glitches.
the body in charge of running the system, technical glitches were discovered in the software that was supposed to transmit payment data to the Data Telecommunication System of All Banks in Japan, a platform connecting all types of domestic private financial institutions online.
Swiss elevator manufacturer Schindler said Friday that problems with five of its elevator units that have been reported in Chiba and Aichi prefectures and in Tokyo from November 2004 through June this year were caused by programming glitches of the units' control devices.
The only surprise here is that Glitches is so brief--one might reasonably have anticipated much more inanity.
It's just one of these funny glitches,'' sighed Joe Edmiston, executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, one of the agencies involved in the acquisition.
Unlike the 2000 elections, though, it took more than a week for 2004's voting glitches and irregularities to really register on the mainstream media radar.
I lost around 500 e-mail correspondences, the result of two different glitches.
Verdict: Opening night glitches just added to the hilarity
This functionality provides controlled switchover to the back-up clock without generating glitches that can cause system failures--a key capability to ensure increased system reliability in high-performance communications applications such as routers and access equipment.
At a press conference, NTT East officials said glitches such as cursor immobility have been discovered in the Denenmon 730LD and Denenmon 750LD phones due to software problems.
The fear of Y2K glitches "pushed states, harder than any consultant's report ever could, to think of technology management as an entity-wide issue," according to the study funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts.