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Synonyms for glitch

Synonyms for glitch

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine


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The inaugural "Bug Bytes" feature details bugs, glitches and their fixes for a wide range of computer hardware and software products, including certain IBM ThinkPad models; Intuit's TurboTax tax preparation software; Microsoft's Excel 5.
Though Rockstar has not issued any statements regarding the update, the tip follows a lot of players in the GTA Online version of the game making use of the glitches, since it is very difficult to earn money in the game and so players indulge in such practises.
Locally, ``the electronic voting machines have worked out perfectly and no glitches have been reported,'' McCormack said.
Despite the glitches, City Election Director Kristin Heffron was in good spirits.
WebXM helps to mitigate online risk by scanning and reporting on a number of issues that can expose companies to corporate risk such as privacy glitches, accessibility issues, breaches in corporate standards and links to questionable content," said Peter McKay, president and COO, Watchfire.
Calabasas City Councilwoman Lesley Devine said there are glitches in the LAFCO process that need to be addressed, possibly by the discussion group.
The TCM811/812 are intelligent devices that are optimized to reject fast transient glitches on the VCC line that can be mistaken for false alarms.
From polling places with volunteers but no equipment to those with equipment but no people to those with neither, the county suffered a number of voting day glitches.
Showtime's unique concurrent capabilities will allow us to accurately address IR drop, coupling delay and glitches for our high-performance SoC designs" said Tetsu Tanizawa, director, world wide design consultation, Fujitsu.
But city officials reported that technology-dependent systems such as streetlights and phone systems had continued operating without interruption since New Year's and there were no glitches in government administration computers or data-processing programs when offices reopened after the holiday weekend.
Frustrating glitches are causing many e-commerce sites to end up on shoppers' naughty lists this holiday season, according to preliminary findings released by resource.
Local companies and government offices got down to business Monday, unhampered by Y2K glitches as employees and executives returned to work for the first business day of the new millennium.
com for more discussion of online glitches and to view a copy of a recently filed customer complaint alleging these kinds of negligence.
No government agencies, public utilities, banks, hospitals or major corporations around Los Angeles reported any major problems New Year's Eve and Day, either from Y2K glitches or surges in use.
Noise can originate from the cell's external environment, such as glitches on cell inputs due to crosstalk from neighboring wires, glitches on internal nodes caused by crosstalk from over the cell routing or from IR drop on the cell's power supply.