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type genus of the Gliridae

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We expect GLIS to offer a great deal of creativity and planning in implementing the project.
The new 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is coming soon, and Sunrise Volkswagen is sharing the details with LI VW Jetta GLI fans.
Cyfarfu'r ddau yn gyntaf tra'n fyfyrwyr yn y Coleg Cerdd a Drama yng Nghaerdydd, a datblygodd cyfeillgarwch glis rhyngddyn nhw oedd i arwain atyn nhw'n teithio efo'u sioe gabare eu hunain.
rattus) (3,4) and European dormice (Glis glis and Eliomys quercinus) (5,6) are similarly competent and locally important hosts to these pathogens.
Nasdaq:GKSRA), today announced the acquisition of certain assets from Glis, a division of Glascar, Ltd, and Glis Laundries USA, Inc.
Date of opening quotation: 03/12/2015, time: 14:00, place: Office for National Road, 3902 Glis, Remarks: The offer will be opened without explicit mutual communication, on Thursday 03 December 2015 at 14:00 clock in the Office of National Road (2nd floor ), Kantonsstrasse 275, 3902 Glis instead.
Fel arfer, mae cynllun terfynol y SgwadNewyddu ar gyfer y neuadd yn gyfrinach glis, ond dydy trigolion y pentref ddim yn poeni rhyw lawer am hynny.
4], edible dormice, Glis glis [5]) serve unambiguously as reservoir hosts for Lyme disease spirochetes.
The Hedgehog signaling pathway is activated when Sonic Hedgehog, a well known signaling molecule, binds to its receptor Patched, ultimately leading to the activation of a family of transcription factors known as Glis (Gli1, Gli2, and Gli3).
Address: Ueberlandstrasse 60 Postcode / City: 3902 Glis The vendors and a representative of the interested professional association may attend the opening.