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the activity of flying a glider

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COME AND FIND OUT MORE: Trainee glider pilot Lucie Allen with her instructor Bazil Fairstone
Mr Garner was an inexperienced glider pilot at the time of the incident in January last year, having accumulated just over two hours solo flying.
Others will include Jen Wallwork, the wife of Staff Sergeant James Wallwork, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal after being the first glider pilot to land.
The Glider Pilot Regiment saw 37 of its men killed during the operation to gain a foothold on French soil.
Not long after WHOI oceanographer Phil Richardson examined how albatrosses elegantly harness winds and waves to fly (a phenomenon called "dynamic soaring"), he began working with radio-controlled (R/C) glider pilots to see if they could exploit the seabirds' flight strategies.
The glider pilot, "understandably due to the geometry of the incident", did not see either Tornado until after they had passed, the report said.
She started to learn to fly when she was 13 encouraged by her dad Andy, who is also a glider pilot at Burn.
The crash perplexed pilots who knew Henderson as an experienced aviator and led some to wonder if the student glider pilot contributed to the accident.
Glider pilot de-stresses up in the air Glider pilot Paul Sprandel offered reporter Grace Housholder the opportunity to glide over Kendallville, Ind.
Summary: SAKARYA (Cihan) - A Brazilian micro light glider pilot made an emergency landing on a lake on Sunday in Turkey's northern city of Sakarya.
Police said the glider pilot parachuted to safety following the collision.
A glider pilot killed in a crash has been named as Mark Edwin Smallwood, from Tipton, near Dudley.
Guy Westgate, team leader and S-1 glider pilot, is an eight-time UK glider champion and has two world championship titles.
Although minimum age for a glider pilot is 16, the flying experience starts much younger.