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Synonyms for glitch

Synonyms for glitch

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine


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Yr hen glich "lle i enaid gael llonydd" ond dim ond ar fynydd mae hynny i'w gael bellach, mae 'na rhywbeth arallfydol am droed ar lethr, y teimlad o'r graig dan draed - dwi'n berson yr ucheldir yn hytrach na dyn lan y mr.
With space at a premium in midtown, brokers don't anticipate any glich in leasing the remaining 400,000 s/f before the building's scheduled occupancy in the summer of 2008.
However, there are a number of factors causing a glich in the system.
Tony Stanger wants to settle a personal score today by clinching the winning try at Twickenham - to end his seven- year glich.