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largest city in Scotland

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uk for a photo shoot for Wee Fat Glesga Wedding - part two of the Hoosewives saga - which will be at the Pavilion in October.
TheRealHoosewivesFaeGlesga The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga |is at the Pavilion, Glasgow, from tomorrow until February 14.
The poster, called The Glesga Games, replaces sporting logos with ones relating to booze and stealing.
Forty years ago at the Glasgow Apollo somebody shouted for A Hoose Is No' A Hame – she must have lived in a Glesga close.
John Glesga Jackie Donald: "Used to love Cloughs when I lived in Byker.
Certainly his attack on "Dear Auld Glesga Toon" and her inhabitants paints an ugly picture of Scotland's largest city.
He has always been a typical wee gallus Glesga Keelie, quick witted and fast on his feet.
The attempt at conciliation showed a genteel side not normally associated with the Glesga polis and contradicted many people's views on how law enforcement works.
Like Desmond's preference for Sandy Lane over Glesga, there is a degree of logic behind the seemingly shadowy way in which Lawwell operates.
They were on the brink of appointing a new company secretary by lunchtime before Easdale found himself served up on toast, subject to a good old Glesga shirricking by one irate female fan as he arrived at Argyle House for talks with McCoist.
A Chinese guy asked her to dance but he got the famous Glesga knock back and looked completely crestfallen.
Let's hope the Edinburgh polis are more alert and up to the job today - as their Glesga counterparts have been at Old Firm games.