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largest city in Scotland

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Laidlaw is McIlvanney's Glesca - a paradox of beauty and brutality captured in stunning prose by one of the finest Scottish writers of our time.
Every time I've heard her being interviewed since, she has put on an affected posh voice - usually interspersed with a wee bit of "See you Jimmy" style Glesca banter, which is just an embarrassment to listen to.
Preparing to go heid-tae-heid with the mighty Glesca Rangers on the sh***y-smelling hallowed turf of Hampden Park, home of the Queen's of the Park.
In real life, he's more Monarch of the Glen than Glesca rent boy so it says something for his talents that he came across as a right twisted wee git in the latest episode of our very own cop show.
Well anyway, that's what we're doing in Glesca for Charly's fourth birthday.
At that point, I expect a wee Glesca punter to appear and say: "Nothin' changes hen, diz it?