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a Scottish cap with straight sides and a crease along the top from front to back

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Members were mainly rifle volunteers, and the first uniform was the corp's grey tunic with firemen's boots and a Glengarry cap.
Finally it was time to order dress uniforms: kilts, wool-blend kilt hose (knee socks) with decorative flashes, black wool Glengarry caps, and of course the horsehair sporran, the piper's equivalent of a man-purse.
Morpeth Pipe Band, which has been performing since 1913, has been given the money from the Castle Morpeth Borough Council Community Initiatives Fund for new sporrans, pipe chanters, tartan cloth and glengarry caps.
In a 30-minute parade, in the baking heat at the Shaibah logistics base near Basra, almost 200 soldiers put on their Glengarry caps donning the new regimental badge for the first time.