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English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936)


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Birthdays: Alan Bennett, left, Glenda Jackson and Billy Joel
Left to Right: Casey Fringer, CHS Student Council President, Glenda Jackson, John Reese from SLV Food Banks, Samantha Galvez, CHS Student Council member and Cathy Canty.
He first worked for the company in 1966 and also appeared in Peter Brook's 1978 production of Antony and Cleopatra with Alan Howard and Glenda Jackson.
To its right The Glenda Jackson Theatre has since come and gone.
She's so good, so tart and tough a presence, like a latter-day Glenda Jackson or Emma Thompson run ragged, she almost pulls it off.
Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith has demanded the recall of Parliament and Glenda Jackson urged the Prime Minister to resign.
Read by Stephanie Beacham, Glenda Jackson, Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep.
Cold-hearted Glenda Jackson has hurled the final insult at tragic Sapphire families.
Glenda Jackson MP, Minister for Transport in London, announced that the Government was recommending increasing the permitted level of passenger air transport movements (PATMs) to 185,000 annually.
The latest incarnation, however, is a gender-blind production with Glenda Jackson in the monarchic title role.
We will always remember his smile and his big heart that was always open to those around him" A spokesman for the Spanish town of Mojacar where Great Train Robber Gordon Goody ran a bar until his death last week aged 86 "All that money - you would think he could buy himself a decent wig" Former MP and award-winning actress Glenda Jackson on Donald Trump who, she says, sports "the worst hair in the world"
This was one of their most memorable Christmas specials thanks to the Welsh diva singing Smoke Gets in Your Eyes while they re-arranged the scenery, a Hollywood Melody with Glenda Jackson and the BBC newsreaders, and Andre Previn (Andre Preview) conducting Eric's rendition of Greig's Piano Concerto.
QALBERT Finney and Glenda Jackson share the same birthday, May 9, 1936.
Minority winners - Glenda Jackson was backed by just a third of her electorate.
Glenda Jackson told the Commons that if the threats had been taken seriously "perhaps the largest manhunt in British history would never need to have taken place".
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