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a club organized to sing together

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CARDIFF: The Glee Club (0871 472 0400), The Best In Live Stand-Up Comedy.
There are Glee Clubs at American universities and around the world, the earliest of which were founded in 1787.
NOT sure how the Glee Club can have an issue with others using the word 'Glee' or even the term 'Glee Club' (Mail, September 20).
I am excited to help choirs, glee clubs and singing groups around the country win a chance for their own brush with greatness and an opportunity to showcase their incredible musical talent.
LOUIS Walsh and Boyzone star Micky Graham are on the hunt for Ireland's best Glee club.
Mark Tughan, who owns the Glee Club at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay, said he was taking legal action against 20th Century Fox Entertainment.
More than 100 Glee clubs have sprung up across the UK since the series began.
And the musical comedy doesn't look like slowing down in the foreseeable future, as misfits everywhere embrace their talents and schools nationwide introduce milder forms of glee clubs.