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Synonyms for doughnut

a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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The new East Meadow store will feature the signature "Hot Doughnuts Now" neon sign, which glows in the morning and evening every day to alert customers that hot, fresh Original Glazed doughnuts are ready to be eaten.
Coupon is redeemable for one dozen Original Glazed doughnuts FREE with the purchase of one dozen doughnuts of any variety on April 28, 2013 only, at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canadian locations.
The new store, the twelfth in Southern California, will feature the traditional glowing "Hot Doughnuts Now"(R) sign, which alerts guests that the store is making fresh, hot Original Glazed doughnuts.
About Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme (NYSE: KKD) is a leading branded specialty retailer and wholesaler of premium quality sweet treats and complementary products, including its signature Original Glazed doughnut.
Talk like a pirate or wear an eye patch to a participating Krispy Kreme shop for one FREE Original Glazed doughnut.
Buy a dozen doughnuts and get a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for just 75 cents at any participating Krispy Kreme U.
bringing hot glazed doughnuts, a newly renovated store and the return of a familiar community partner.
It's like eating two Starbucks Classic Coffee Cakes or four Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts or one (meal-size) Cinnabon Classic Roll.
It is like tossing a bunch of glazed doughnuts in the air-roughly the same percentage of doughnuts always will be positioned in the edge-on and face-on positions, regardless of whether they are tightly clumped or spread far apart.
We look forward to bringing the joy of sharing hot Original Glazed doughnuts and great tasting coffees to Delhi's consumers with the opening of the new doughnut cafe in Select City Walk mall this Saturday.
And a 250ml portion of grape juice contained as much sugar as four Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts.
The new shop in Eldon Square will offer Krispy Kreme's signature Original Glazed doughnuts along with 15 other varieties, including the new Kreme de la Kreme range, which includes salted caramel, and milk chocolate praline fudge cake.
The coffee bar, which opens on December 12 at 10am, will offer their signature Original Glazed doughnuts along with 15 other doughnut varieties including the delicious new Kreme de la Kreme range, which includes salted caramel, milk chocolate praline fudge cake and white chocolate nougat.
A dedicated team will spend four weeks on the road from 2 August handing out the retailer's original glazed doughnuts.