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an inhabitant of Glasgow

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The Glasgow resident said the violence showed only a tiny minority of Glaswegians.
But Glaswegians and Scots in general look set to embrace the prospect of the first Commonwealth Games in their country for 28 years, with more than 1.
Glasgow Central MP, Labour's Anas Sarwar said: "We are all Glaswegians today.
He thanked the emergency services who "worked tirelessly" throughout the night and also paid tribute to the bravery of "the ordinary Glaswegians who rushed to help".
The win over Steven Kean's Blackburn continued David Moyes's excellent record against fellow Glaswegian managers this season.
We are sure that most Glaswegians will think that's just magic," she added.
Glaswegians took just one hour to empty their lorry, while Mancunians showed a little more caution and doubled the length of time taken.
When it came to joining in the spirit of things, most of us Glaswegians didn't pull any punches.
And Moyes said: "It is great to get more Glaswegians in the Premier League, we will be taking over soon
On its website, Merlin appears alongside less contentious Glaswegians such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Billy Connolly, Robert Carlyle and Lorraine Kelly.
Glaswegians have the lowest life expectancy in Britain, at 68.
GLASWEGIANS are the worst teeth grinders in the UK - with more than a third admitting they suffer from the disorder.
The adopted Glaswegians continue to take the world by storm - and previews of their new material sound incredible.
GLASWEGIANS are the third greatest art lovers in the UK, according to a new poll.
We can remember when Glaswegians came through to Dunblane to support our town after the shootings when so many lost their lives.