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Synonyms for fiberglass

a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


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The glassfibre flagpoles have been especially finished to suit the rigging of the tiered seating and the firm created bespoke pots for the flagpoles to be fixed into for the duration of the event.
The threaded rods as well as most other screws are made of glassfibre reinforced polyamide.
GLACIAL DELIGHT will appear on a racecourse for the first time in 757 days when, weather permitting, he takes his chance in the A J Glassfibre Brotherton Factory Handicap Chase (2.
Anne suggests that gardeners look out for a range of boldly coloured glassfibre pots from online supplier Europlanters.
The Solartech product range includes a variation of glassfibre sheet laminates, resins, paste grades and repair patches which provide excellent protection against corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and other aggressive environment conditions.
In addition to its successful locally-produced Siropol and Hetron ranges, which are manufactured under licence from Ashland, SIR distributes a wide range of composite auxiliaries including glassfibre, catalysts,and accelerators.
Jonjo O'Neill and Tony McCoy can once again team up to good effect with Urban in the AJ Glassfibre Handicap Chase.
Mr Webster, who used to go to the Cavern in the 1960s, said the bronze-look glassfibre statues had been inspired by the period in the Beatles' lives when they were at their happiest.
In addition to automatic continuous measurement, EERC collected samples of TSP (24 h) with glassfibre filters in the city centre (Viru).
Glassfibre rods gave great service for some 10 years and then they gave way to the carbon-fibre rods.
Mineral wool or glassfibre pipe insulation, which is wrapped around the pipe, is useful on exposed fittings.
To prevent the ingress of heat into the refrigerated enclosure through the rear doors, these have been insulated and panelled with a white glassfibre sheet.
The curvaceous body is built from a reinforced glassfibre composite which maximises the car's aerodynamic ability.