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a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


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We are happy to have identified Owens Corning as the buyer as it is vertically integrated and has ample resources to develop the glassfiber business further.
We've been quite successful because of our high quality, proximity tothe customers and reliability, he said, adding: "The demand for glassfiber for infrastructural projects in theGulf region is still high.
Short-term sedimentation rates were estimated by deploying three sets of ashed, pre-weighed 9-cm glassfiber filters placed on inverted petri dishes secured to the marsh surface at each site from 17 June to 14 July 1998.
Schuberth Helme (FRG) exhibited their newly developed lightweight helmets which are composed of glassfiber, cotton and ballistic nylon or aramide.
As detailed recently in our reports on Form 8-K, in late July 2012, AGY US entered into an amended and restated master lease agreement ("the A&R Master Lease" ) with DB Energy Trading LLC, providing for leases of precious metals used in the operations of the continuous filament mat business and the glassfiber yarns business of AGY US.
5% increase in sales due to higher sales of flooring, glassfiber and specialty flooring applications.
Objective: The Weaving Technology based Automated Production Processes in the Composite Industry (We TAP IN) project aims at a commercial validation of high quality unidirectional glassfiber / polymer composite tape mass production technology and commercialization.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-3 June 2008-Finland's Ahlstrom Corporation inaugurates new glassfiber tissue production facility in Russia(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
1] The Japan reinforced plastics society, FRPS C 002-1989: "Inspection guidelines for glassfiber reinforced plastic vessels" (In Japanese).
It's made by pulling profiles of polypropylene and continuous glassfiber over a mandrel, then extruding a black PP cap layer on top.
It, McKechnie explains, is made with the company's StaMax P, a thermoplastic composite developed by Owens Corning and DSM Automotive Polymers, with the former providing the glassfiber know-how and the latter the thermoplastic material and part-production knowledge.
Karhula plant is part of Ahlstrom's Building and Energy Business Area and it produces glassfiber tissue used in building materials such as flooring applications.
The plant, which manufactures glassfiber specialty reinforcements, has suffered from weakening demand in the wind energy business in North America.
The Mikkeli plant manufactures glassfiber products for composite industry, the major end users being wind energy, marine, sports equipment, and transport vehicle industries.
Whereas wood-fiber composites compete largely with talc- or micafilled PP in auto parts, natural longfiber composites are aiming at glassfiber composites.