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someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass

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Given Lebanon's long history of glassblowing, Abichaker sees a potential for significant foreign exports.
Determined to learn about glassblowing, Langley contacted "the man who wrote the book" on glass (literally and figuratively), Harvey Littleton.
From Africa's only glassblowing factory comes a 100 per cent recycled glass vuvuzela, hand made by a master glass blower in Swaziland.
Named after a glassblowing haven off the coast of Venice, Italy, the Murano condominium will radiate different colors at different times of the day.
95) focuses on works created with the artist's mastery of glassblowing techniques resulting in works inspired by Native American baskets in color and form.
The glassblowing lessons Kirstie had in her last series will come in handy, and why settle for shop bought baubles when you can make them yourself?
Already there's a gallery and glassblowing studio open, musical events in summer, and his cafe-restaurant Brukspatron is constantly full (www.
Choose from Bistro Bacchanalia (tel 01752 254879) or The Glassblowing House (tel 228 556) on Sutton Harbour; The Waterfront (tel 226326), 9 Grand Parade; and the Village Restaurant (tel 667688) or Japenese Yukisan (tel 250240) in The Barbican.
The industrial units such as workshops for metalworking, glassblowing and pottery had been located outside of the citadel.
Victorian examples always have rough pontils, a mark left by the glassblowing process, and signs of wear to the base.
In fact she has learned 15 new skills from upholstery to glassblowing for her TV series Kirstie's Homemade Home which started a fiveweek run on Channel 4 on Thursday.
Jamex and Einar de la Torre have long been drawn to the ancient art of glassblowing "You get to play with fire," Einar explains.
When Craig, 44, first saw fellow artist Sean Henry's Couple sculpture in the sea at Newbiggin Bay earlier this year, it inspired him to use his glassblowing skills to fashion a miniature replica.
As if it were a new machine, the museum takes its place within the huge main production hall, structured around an open pit where an ancient oven used to power glassblowing.
I'm a wide-open canvas at this point, but the new picture could very well involve more study of glassblowing, which is a very new passion for me.