sodium silicate

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a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

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Caption: 1 Snapware's Eco Flip glass water bottles debut this month.
The new Panasonic kettle features a glass water level window ensures easy viewing and the kettle's sturdy handle is fit for purpose.
A It's the world's biggest autojumble, and you wouldn't believe what's out there - I've just bought a rare 50-year-old glass water bottle for my '59 Mini.
Inspired by time spent living in Rome, where good water flows freely, Williams, chef and owner of Gottino Italian restaurant in New York City, says offering a good glass water is integral to the dining experience.
We specialize, pretty much, in glass water tubes," explained Dennis Belloso, a Delta 9 sales rep.
The booth featured sweeping, 12-foot lighted arches, a glass water wall, a "stone" fire pit, a stream with pavers and a bridge, decking and a furnished room.
When the researcher bred the New Zealand mud snail in both plastic and glass water bottles, they observed more than double the number of embryos in plastic bottles compared with glass bottles.
RED WINE DUCK WITH PASTA, PEAS AND GARLICIngredients 4 duck legs 4 level teaspoons of Malden sea salt Good sprig of thyme 2 cloves of garlic roughly sliced Peel and juice from one orange 4 glasses of Italian red wine 250ml water 1 bag of fresh Tagliatelle 25g of butter Good dash olive oil Small glass water 2 cloves of garlic finely crushed 150g cooked peas Few leaves of basil torn into small piecesMethod 1.
Diarmuid incorporated that feature - along with glass water walls - in his first Chelsea Flower Show garden design in 1996.
The X21 high precision densimeter is available with optional equipment, including an RS232 interface, a liquid measuring kit, a glass water container and the company's DDCS (density data collection software) for a PC.
Uterine weight gain due to stimulation by estrogenic chemicals leaching from the used polycarbonate cages and water bottles could thus be compared with uterine weight gain in females housed in polypropylene cages with glass water bottles.
theleading global designer and manufacturer of innovative hydration and food storage products continues to expand its line of hydration products with the introduction of the sleek and colorful, Pure[TM] Squeeze, Glass bottle with Silicone Sleeve and the exclusive Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution printed glass water bottle.
Contract Awarded for Our Municipal Vehicle Mineral Oil To Be Used, and Glass Water Purchase Antifreeze.
Utilizing LivePicture to hang on an existing glass water feature was a fresh idea that turned into a beautiful design.
The president thanked Sue Rutter and Judith Wright for being the evenings hostesses and Ann Barnes for the flowers on the president's table and Carol Cook for the prizes for the competition 'A Glass Water Jug.