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Schwalbe acknowledged that concern over traffic was one reason for the decision to scale back the proposal; however, the decision against the 33,000-square-foot plant was made because it could not be built in the time left in the construction season, and not because of any changes in the glass recycling market.
They have already designed and equipped glass recycling facilities for a number of Rockware's customers, and expect the service to expand significantly in the near future.
GLASS RECYCLING PER CAPITA Container glass recycling per person, for 2001: Lane County: 50.
The council is boosting the number of glass recycling sites from 120 to 166 and 95% of residents will be within 1km of a site.
GLASSICAL MOVE Glass recycling director Gary Harland, who makes items out of recycled glass
A WASTE recycling firm is calling time on the number of bottles being sent to landfill by pubs in the Tees Valley Premier Waste launches its first mix-coloured glass recycling service for bar staff tomorrow in a move that the firm said would reduce carbon and cut costs for the hospitality industry.
The "Recycle Now" glass recycling ads, which encourage families to make recycling an everyday habit, are being shown until February 10.
AUBURN - The company that owns and runs the town's trash transfer station and recycling facility wants to build a 33,300-square-foot glass recycling and storage plant at its Hardscrabble Road location.
The project was launched last February as a pilot in Lynemouth, Widdrington Station and Stobswood villages, when householders were given glass recycling boxes.
Glass recycling systems significantly affect the availability of post-consumer glass for recycling.
GREEN households in Ireland have smashed the country's glass recycling record, it was revealed yesterday.
The quality of curbside material in single-stream systems has deteriorated significantly," says Tex Corley, president and CEO of the Houston-based glass recycling company Strategic Materials.
The company, which has just gained a Queens Award for Enterprise: sustainable development for increasing glass recycling, is also with its long term partner, leading collection company Berryman, and CCE, expanding trade glass collection services.
The borough council has got together with its new glass recycling partner, Berryman, to bring the Glass For Ever Roadshow to local schools.
A survey conducted by Rehab Recycling Partnership (RRP) for Repak National Recycling Week reveals that, over the period January to August 2002, glass recycling in Mayo increased by a staggering 48 per cent when compared with figures for the same period last year.