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prosthesis consisting of an artificial eye made of glass

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collection of glass eyes valued at an amazing PSSeries editor Simon Shaw says: "As a television producer it's a scary prospect when we turn up for a day's filming and no knowledge of what might turn up.
The investigators said: "In light of the claims about the glass eye jewellery and Savile's interference with the bodies of the deceased, it is evident his interest in the mortuary was not within accepted boundaries.
The decoy has glass eyes and a tail that moves in the breeze.
A space at the back of the sculpture held a votive candle, with the light flickering from the sculpture's glass eyes.
Where we need help is with the glass eyes, which were made by the Oldfield family.
But guests also leave surprising things behind, says Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine, including artificial arms and legs, glass eyes and toupees.
Two untitled "bricolages" from 1969 exemplified Rama's practice of embedding objects such as glass eyes, human teeth, or animal claws into canvas, while Birnam's Presages, 1984, was a striking example of a whole subcategory of sculptural pieces made from the innards of bike tires.
Silicone skin blends with Tatum's skin tone, eyebrows are made from his own hair and the glass eyes, from which he will never see, match the brown hue of the originals.
The Overseas Press Club owl with the glinty glare of his green glass eyes -- they really light -- is the honoree at a gala (tonight, Oct.
Quiet fools we move and are moved by movings until staring through the glass eyes of pleasure, we feel its palace
Witnesses said that he claimed to have had jewellery made from glass eyes taken from bodies, and to have performed sex acts with bodies.
ANYONE with an eye for a bargain might want to watch out for a collection of glass eyes which went on display before their sale.
During the repair, the anteater's missing nose will be replaced as well as the missing glass eyes in the original animals.
Who wants to have sex with all those glass eyes staring at them?