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At first glance, this connection may not be obvious; however, it is the fundamental heuristic behind the glass electrode mentioned earlier.
Joseph's home-made apparatus featured a glass electrode and a sensitive galvanometer, both too delicate to withstand the rough field conditions under which they were used.
After piercing the neuron with a microscopic glass electrode, they stimulated the cell with pulses of current and recorded its behavior.
The new glass electrode technology we are offering, for example, has already been proven to last twice as long in harsh environments as conventional electrodes," said Ken Brown, vice president and general manager of Foxboro Measurements and Instruments.
For manual determination the Metrohm 691 meter with a combined glass electrode assembly, Dosimat dispensing unit and titration stand are used, whilst for automated analyses the Titro processor or Titrino ranges of titrators are recommended by Metrohm UK Ltd of Unit 2, Topangel, Buckingham Industrial Park, Buckingham, tel: 0128 082 4824.
Tenders are invited for Supply of listed articles by the department of chemistry- Combined glass electrode (compatible with Systronics pH meter No.