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not that serious Pardew's set-to with Meyler wasn't a headbutt of the Glasgow Kiss variety
I was totally astonished once to see him grab the lapels of one prefect and 'nut' him efficiently in what I believe is known as a Glasgow Kiss.
No problem, Geri - there'll have been a line-up waiting to deliver a Glasgow Kiss.
99) crime THE LONG GLASGOW KISS Craig Russell JUGGLING loyalties between three crime lords can be daunting work but for wisecracking private investigator Lennox, it's all part of the job.
and got a Glasgow kiss, in the form of a 4-0 hiding.
He famously starred alongside Nicole Kidman on the London stage in The Blue Room, played the villain in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and has appeared in top TV dramas like Kidnapped and Glasgow Kiss.
I suppose Glasgow Kiss (in which she starred opposite Iain Glen) did a lot because it was a more glamorous role and people see you as an attractive asset.
But Glasgow Kiss (BBC1) doesn't seek to excuse its cliches.
He knew to expect the football equivalent of a Glasgow Kiss last night.
7/10 DEBBIE MURRAY The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell, is published in trade paperback by Quercus, priced pounds 12.
Partly because Pele never planted a Glasgow kiss on old Mooro's bonce
There have, in fact, been all sorts of kisses - the Judas kiss of treachery, the good luck kiss, the farewell kiss and the Glasgow kiss, usually preceded by the giver inquiring of the recipient: "Can yer mother stitch?
The four-piece's tales of prison, stabbings,football and cheating men hits you like a Glasgow kiss.
The next time someone asks me if I'm enjoying my retirement, I hope I don't respond with a Glasgow kiss.
Samantha has previously directed three short animated films, including Glasgow Kiss and Doubled Up, for Channel 4.
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