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United States physicist who invented the bubble chamber to study subatomic particles (born in 1926)

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Glaser, by making McGee's contributions public knowledge, will inspire others to follow in McGee's footsteps.
that early August morning in 1976, John Glaser could see none of this.
Glaser has extensive experience with hospital administration and healthcare information technology.
When we closed 'Family Secrets,' my husband Greg Howells and I moved to Northern California with our two young children," says Glaser.
Glaser, who had served as COO for nine months in 2013, agreed to head the company until Simone's return.
Prior to joining AM General, Glaser held several prominent senior positions in the federal and New York State government.
Glaser left the restaurant after what both sides agree was a heated exchange that may have involved a few expletives from Mr.
Management; excepting for David Kuperberg is Ann Glaser, Cooper Square Realty; Greg Carlson, Carlson Realty
But Glaser revealed he hated the red Ford Gran Torino he dubbed 'the Striped Tomato'.
Combined with moderate cigarette use, physiological effects of depression may boost susceptibility to tumor progression, suggest Kiecolt-Glaser and Glaser, both of the Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus.
Glaser had previously been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marsh, a position he assumed in December 2007.
When Life gives you Feds busting down your door, arresting you and your family, seizing your assets—all because of an herb—if your name is Sherry Glaser, you make Comedy.
USA Truck named Tom Glaser as Simone's replacement; Glaser had been acting COO since April.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Purity Vodka AB, one of the fastest growing ultra-premium vodkas in the world, today announced that its Global President and CEO Andy Glaser would be leaving the company at the end of 2014.
In fairness to adjoining owners, new structures need to follow new rules,'' said Jim Glaser, assistant director of planning, who counted a handful of violations in the past few years.