Gladstone bag

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a large travelling bag made of stiff leather

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Other jobs include restoration of Gladstone bags, leather coats, jackets and furniture, and the making of pannier bags for a Harley Davison motorcycle.
Staff are looking to run history workshops with youngsters in February and are seeking Victorian looking suitcases, trunks or Gladstone bags.
The discovery of personal artifacts in this area, some of which include Gladstone bags, women's shoes and White Star Line china, raise questions about the ship's final moments.
The novelty cases made in the shapes of fishes, animals, birds, nuts, dragons, padlocks, Gladstone bags, Rolls Royce radiators and a myriad selection of other designs were produced for many years.
The pint-sized selection of suitcases, vanity cases and Gladstone bags from Ciro, priced pounds 39.
Some concentrate on Georgian, Victorian or Scottish furniture, others on carpets or paintings, porcelain, glass, silver plate, curtains, old leather luggage, Gladstone bags, gun cases, musical instruments, ceramics, rugs, Chinese or Indian items, shawls, prints, cutlery, jewellery, brass and copper wear, ancient picnic sets, top hats and hat boxes.