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liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)

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Similarly, Gladstone's reluctance to extend voting rights and his dislike of the income tax were based on their potentially disruptive effects on the existing social order.
Denis Paz discusses "Gladstone as Friend"; Peter Sewter looks at "Gladstone as Woodsman"; and Jenny West focusses on Gladstone's health in the years 1868-85.
Brian Rice, President of Aequitas' Wealth Management division adds, "Helping define an advisors' value proposition and identifying areas for improvement through Gladstone's comprehensive data and cutting-edge technology will be a great value to assist the firms that we work with who are looking to achieve the next level of growth.
The new introduction is masterly at every level, and it will be required reading for all students of Gladstone's life and politics.
William Gladstone's earliest memory was as a three-year-old being dressed up in a red frock and asked to utter the words 'ladies and gentleman' as the beguiling warm-up for Canning.
Fitch's 'A' rating is based on Gladstone's unrestricted investments, which totaled $168 million as of Dec.
Much of Gladstone's marginalia was eventually incorporated in the review, but not all.
It is doubtful whether this present book entirely clears up the matter of Gladstone's Christianity.
Run by Bob Morris, Gladstone's Universal pulled in $10.
Neither Boston Properties nor Robert Gladstone's firm, Madison Equities, returned calls seeking comment.
Gladstone's team of professionals and its trade partners took part in the internship program, lending their supervision and expertise in the fields of architecture, plumbing, trim carpentry, HVAC contracting, masonry, electrical, painting, lumber and cabinetry, and engineering.
The monument will stand in the grounds of Our Lady, Star of the Sea Church, facing the site of the lost St Thomas' Church, Seaforth, built by Gladstone's father John and demolished in 1980.
Sir William, whose father Charles was Gladstone's second son, has just written a new history book about Gladstone.
Deputy Leader Peter Perkins said he had given the proposal the go-ahead because St Monica's was in a state of disrepair and Gladstone's pupil numbers had fallen.
The Gladstone purchase price is AU $239 million (approximately US $179 million), subject to customary purchase price adjustments, plus the assumption of NRG's share of Gladstone's unconsolidated debt and cash amounting to AU $77 million (approximately US $58 million), and AU $35 million (approximately US $26 million), respectively.