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liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)

a large travelling bag made of stiff leather

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Four years later, by now a student in Liverpool, I was elected to represent the City Council's Low Hill Ward, where, at Hengler's Circus in 1896, two years before his death, Gladstone gave his last great speech.
Gladstone said the office space will be operated completely independent of the hotel, offering a separate entrance, around-the-clock operation and separate mechanical systems.
The Partnership is about providing an open, honest and accountable report of Gladstone Harbour s health and clear advice when environmental management is not meeting expectations, he said.
That we were remembering William Gladstone was totally due to the outstanding work of Brenda Murray, who has worked her fingers to the bone raising the money to pay for an eight-foot bronze bust.
Prosecutors claim both Robinson and Gladstone set upon the victim after all three ended up at the same house party in Gateshead.
The conservatory was renamed in honour of Isla Gladstone, a designer who married into the Gladstone family in the 1920s.
Outside of government, Gladstone spent the 1830s developing his religious and political beliefs.
Gladstone simply denied the existence of others in this room when he was there, which made ir exempt from the spatial gendering so prevalent in the Victorian world.
Gladstone, who was born in Queens but grew up in Manhattan, said he was always very close with his father's crew.
Besides Gladstone, the committee developing the Animation Bank includes Max Howard, president of Melwood Pictures and independent animation producer Tom Knott.
As an example, the commercial port was accessed from Gladstone by a two-lane, dirt road winding through 100 kilometers of "outback" real estate.
Like a number of artists of his generation, Gladstone shows an interest in mining myths of the past and crafting myths in the present, but while you might work out a plot, it's difficult to attach an allegory or a moral to the story.
The Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee is to look at the decision to move more than 100 pupils from St Monica's Church in Wales Primary in Cathays, Cardiff, to what is now the early years centre in Gladstone Junior in Whitchurch Road.
Hoppen's clever topical headings relieve the tedium as well as organize coverage as with the political duels between Gladstone and Disraeli, 1868-1880.
In the fluid waters between the demise of the Peel administration and the first Gladstone administration there are so many cross currents and different crafts riding the waves in the long drama of Gladstone's life, that a short note on each of the principle players would have assisted as a useful addition to the index and biography.