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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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Glad was the contraband that had a seat in the pit at the Saturday matinee, and happy the Roman street-boy who ate his peanuts and guyed the gladiators from the dizzy gallery.
I have been a dramatic critic myself, in my time, and I was often surprised to notice how much more I knew about Hamlet than Forrest did; and it gratifies me to observe, now, how much better my brethren of ancient times knew how a broad sword battle ought to be fought than the gladiators.
We saw the Dying Gladiator at the Capitol, and I think that even we appreciated that wonder of art; as much, perhaps, as we did that fearful story wrought in marble, in the Vatican--the Laocoon.
asked Venus, clutching him with both hands, so that they stood interlocked like a couple of preposterous gladiators.
Pocket stood, and he dropped upon it in the attitude of the Dying Gladiator.
Tall and well proportioned as an ancient gladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for a quarter of an hour without knowing where to direct his steps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from the spot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely be taken.
said Eugenie (in a tone which a Vestal in the amphitheatre would have used, when urging the victorious gladiator to finish his vanquished adversary).
The dying rattle of the valiant gladiator guided them amidst the ruins.
The Tin Woodman was usually a peaceful man, but when occasion required he could fight as fiercely as a Roman gladiator.
He stands out among contemporary rhymesters - magazine rhymesters - as a gladiator stands out in the midst of a band of eunuchs.
He was all sweetness and gentleness, a love creature, though he stood nearly six feet tall and was muscled like a gladiator.
He observed, too, that he was leaning forward in a strained attitude-- crouching like a gladiator ready to spring at the throat of an antagonist.
And he, with his incarnate spirit of battle, his gladiator body and his eagle spirit--he was as gentle and tender to me as a poet.
The referee shoved Rivera back with one hand, and stood over the fallen gladiator counting the seconds.
A few of the withered and remorseless crones of the band were clustering together, in readiness to lend their fell voices, if needed, to aid in exciting their descendants to an exhibition, which their depraved tastes coveted, as the luxurious Roman dame witnessed the struggles and the agony of the gladiator.