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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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The film begins with the imperialist slaughter of indigenous tribal peoples, continues to exalt the imperial centre in a style worthy of Leni Riefenstahl, unapologetically allows its viewers to revel in the atavistic spectacle of gladiatorial combat, and just for good measure, finds time along the way to gratuitously kill some tigers.
Most gripping of all for us was the reconstruction of a Franco-Roman coliseum, complete with gladiatorial combat and real lions prowling just feet from the audience.
If you find yourself involved in gladiatorial combat with a big cat, surely your chances of survival have got to be boosted if your opponent is a leopard with laryngitis or a cheetah who's suffered cruciate ligament damage?
Dana White, the face and bombastic president of the UFC, promised a dazzling show and delivered in full as the capacity crowd lapped up six hours of gladiatorial combat rolled out to a pounding rock and roll, hip-hop beat.
Topics discussed include the meaning and impact of spectacle in Roman culture, the circus and chariot racing, Gladiatorial combat, wild animals, and aquatic displays.
If they had been given the choice between spending billions of rand on hosting the World Cup or building houses for the poor, the probability is that they would have opted for houses instead of the modern equivalent of gladiatorial combat.
Orgy scenes were regular occurrences at the Roman court and red hot sex scenes were part of daily life - just as much as no holds barred gladiatorial combat.
Rom finds his crazed and feral father's hidden Tree Book and discovers he can see and talk to Mei--but when Riley is dragged underground by mechanical/beast hybrids, Rom sets off to rescue her and is himself enmeshed in a dangerous world of gladiatorial combat.
Hopefully visitors to the Lunt will experience this for themselves with a complete journey through Roman life complete with some spectacular gladiatorial combat.
These were agonistic encounters, but "disputing could be fun" (16); Hale variously and correctly uses comparisons to "pillowfighting" (17) as well as to bullfighting (18) and gladiatorial combat (56).
The notion that the two men are locked into gladiatorial combat is made explicit as they jockey for success.
99 [pounds sterling]) looks at Ridley Scott's film from a historical and cultural perspective, and includes Roman history and gladiatorial combat, the cinematic origins of the film, and its modern social and political overtones.
In l998 a federal grand jury indicted eight Corcoran guards for staging gladiatorial combat, among other abuses.
Instead of throwing slaves or Christians to the beasts, our sacrificial lambs will be politicians who waste millions on corporate welfare, such as Michael Ovitz's Coliseum proposal and the Staples Arena, or other notorious and/or disreputable figures whose demise in gladiatorial combat would satisfy our civic need for public circuses.