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accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier

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The presence of prairies only in the glaciated region of the state, along with their parallel crescent-shaped arrangement, suggested to Sears (1926a) a correlation with the system of glacial moraines.
Other property owners, including some along the pristine shore and glacial moraines of Wallowa Lake, are already considering doing the same.
Diamonds are known to occur in glacial moraines around the Great Lakes.
They also attempted the summit of a ragged 7,000-foot peak, negotiated dangerous ice fields and glacial moraines, rafted bone-chilling inland rivers and trekked across desolate tundra populated only by grizzly bears, wolves and ravenous mosquitoes.
For the past decade, Phillips has studied glacial moraines in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains using a new radio-dating technique he developed that uses radioactivity in surface rocks to date how long they've been there.
5-km route that climbs the sides of glacial moraines and winds through a forest of lodgepole pine.