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accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier

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For the past decade, Phillips has studied glacial moraines in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains using a new radio-dating technique he developed that uses radioactivity in surface rocks to date how long they've been there.
Unlike other vodkas, Finlandia's water which comes from Rajamaki, requires no treatment due to its natural purity thanks to its naturally pure source in a glacial moraine created during the last ice age 10,000 year ago.
Out here in McHenry County we are on hilly, glacial moraine, which is not good for growing any other types of crop, but is good growing farmland for Christmas trees," explains Peterson.
Known in Welsh as Trefyclawdd (the town on the dyke), Knighton is situated on a glacial moraine overlooking a narrowing in the Teme river valley.
Rhinog Fach is one of the four peaks making up the majestic Rhinogydd range, between Harlech and Trawsfynydd The tallest of the peaks is Y Llethr, at 2, 480ft, while Rhinog Fach is 2, 336ft In between Rhinog Fach and its twin peak Rhinog Fawr lies the Bwlch Drws Ardudwy pass and the beautiful Llyn Hywel The summit offers stunning views over the 22km glacial moraine Sarn Badrig, lying just beneath the surface of Cardigan Bay
We'll get some rough background in an area that's totally covered by glacial moraine .
Barrick, through its knowledge of the geology at Pierina and the surrounding areas, is in a unique position to explore Queenstake's properties, much of which is covered by post-mineral volcanic rocks, gravel, soil and glacial moraine.
In the green and misty glacial moraine country of land-locked Juneau, Geoff and Marcy Larson are brewing a world-class beer-and drawing attention for their efforts.
But round a bend and suddenly you're in a glacial moraine crowded with aspens, cottonwoods, and willows.
Legend has it that these ridges are the remains of causeways built to give access to the present mainland at high tide, but they are probably the remains of glacial moraines - formations of gravel, clay, sand and boulders left behind as the glaciers melted away at the end of the last Ice Age.
While geologists and climate physicists found solid evidence of this 100,000-year cycle in glacial moraines, marine sediments and arctic ice, until now they were unable to find a plausible explanation for it.
The coin's reverse (tails side) design captures the beauty and unique qualities of a single Bristlecone Pine tree and the rocky glacial moraines where the trees grow.
The results are based on the CRONUS-Earth Project, which aims to improve measurements of these isotopes so precise ages may be assigned to 'young' glacial moraines," said Enriqueta Barrera, program director in the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research.