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any period of time during which glaciers covered a large part of the earth's surface

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Portage, Michigan lies upon deposits of glacial outwash from the Last Glacial Maximum, and drift from earlier glacial advances.
During the Last Glacial Maximum, however, the potential distribution of the species became still more bipolar, with major potential distributional areas in Europe and in East Asia (Fig.
2003, Modeling the water masses of the Atlantic Ocean at the Last Glacial Maximum.
Others claimed to have found evidence that Native Americans derived from a cross-Atlantic migration of southwestern Europeans during the Last Glacial Maximum some 21,000 to 17,000 yeas ago, when vast ice sheets covered much of North America, northern Europe and Asia.
After the large reduction of plant diversity during the Last Glacial Maximum another kind of vegetation now appeared.
After finally settling in European lands, nonetheless, the last external influence that mankind had to face was perhaps the Last Glacial Maximum.
Despite the jump in ages, a pronounced representation of Ericaceae and upper-montane taxa, represented both at Bario and at Pa'Dalih, corresponds to a further lowering of temperatures during the Last Glacial Maximum (MIS2).
The article in PLoS ONE provides new evidence to indicate that early humans migrated into Europe after the Last Glacial Maximum but before Neolithic times, giving us a clearer picture of how early humans were developing at this time.
Earth and environmental scientists explore some of the ways that climate warming since the Last Glacial Maximum, some 20,000 years ago, has triggered geological events, primarily because of the shift in weight on the lithosphere as stationary glaciers melt and become moving oceans.
Dr Pala said: "The end of the Last Glacial Maximum (Ice Age) allowed people to recolonise the parts of Europe that had been deserted and this expansion allowed increase of human populations.
But the climate at glacial maximum reduced the prairies and deciduous forests to such small refuges that scientists have only recently found them.
Consequently, these molluscs predate the last glacial maximum and date from a previous flooding episode in the Arabian Gulf, most likely the last interglacial eustatic sea level high at 120 ka.
At last glacial maximum (LGM), the quasi-steady properties of the forcing to which the climate system was subject, involved significant changes to both surface topography and albedo, in consequence of the massive accumulations of land ice that covered the northern hemisphere continents at that time (Fig.