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Synonyms for erosion

Synonyms for erosion

(geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)

condition in which the earth's surface is worn away by the action of water and wind

a gradual decline of something

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The high contents of garnet, pyroxene, and tourmaline, as well as quartz and feldspars (Q+Fp), indicate either intense glacial erosion on the shield or abrasion of earlier deposited unconsolidated sediments in the drumlin field.
In August he attended the AAAS meeting in Cleveland, Ohio and delivered papers on the inadequacy of glacial erosion, which were disputed by N.
On the contrary, the subglacial channels formed by glacial erosion are accompanied by end moraines at the outlets and along the edges, and glaciotectonic disturbances in the neighbourhood.
Evidence indicates that in areas of multiple ice-flow events: (1) indicators of glacial erosion (striations and streamlined landforms) can be biased towards earlier, highly erosive events (palimpsests) and that (2) till clast dispersal patterns can be more useful than striae or till geochemical dispersal patterns for identifying buried exploration targets (Broster and Huntley 1995).
e glacial erosion has also contributed in the creation of a stunning landscape.
uite so cold for another Sundog, the Maligne -flowing rivers of the distance from Jasper eze over to leave s, frozen waterfalls and Guide Joan Dillon leads our group of heavily wrapped-up visitors along the two-mile valley - the deepest accessible canyon in the national park - and explains the causes of the rugged karst topography and the effects of glacial erosion.
Wisconsinan glacial erosion was significant at the site as indicated by glacial striae, roche moutinee, lee side plucking features and numerous large erratics (Spooner et al.
Lower Palaeozoic unconformities in an intracratonic platform setting: glacial erosion versus tectonics in the eastern Murzuq Basin (southern Libya).