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accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier

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5-meter-thick layer of glacial debris atop the soil layer was deposited about 2.
Not in the rational Georgian New Towh, but in the wynds and ginnels of the medieval Old Town; not on top of a hill, but at the bottom of one, at the foot of the Royal Mile, the great elongated ramp of glacial debris that links the Castle on its volcanic outcrop with the royal Palace of Holyroodhouse at its eastern extremity.
These pre-glacial valleys would have long ago been filled with glacial debris.
Thus we have the Manitoulin Scarp bordering Georgian Bay in the Bruce; the Scarp of Valleys which extend deeply inland further east along Georgian Bay; the Earthen Scarp stretching south toward the town of Belfountain where moraines and glacial debris bury the underlying structures; and the relatively well known Southern Scarp which is largely dominated by steep cliffs stretching to Niagara Falls and into New York State.
Today's sand dunes were yesterday's glacial debris.
No ditches are required because the ground is composed of free-draining glacial debris.
We have managed to hack some garden space (for rhubarb, herbs, and flowers) out of the glacial debris in our soil, but since we like the wild woods around us, we are content with small scale gardening.
Fortunately the continental ice sheet which covered much of mainland NWT was centred to the east, over the Keewatin District, and moved west and north-west, scouring and depositing its glacial debris in a fashion which would eventually be instrumental in guiding the diamond hunters to the hidden kimberlite pipes.
Four of the nine holes released today ended in high grade mineralization and three of the holes collared in high grade mineralization after penetrating the glacial debris.