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thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food

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For Chicken George, who sold 22lbs of chicken gizzards and livers on the very day he spoke to the ECHO, saying goodbye to his valued regulars would be heartbreaking.
Back then the turkey came frozen with all the gizzards in a bag in the cavity and around the legs were actually metal wires to keep them together.
Chicken gizzards or beef were offered according to the treatment to stimulate oviposition.
Summary: Here's a real power dish -- chicken gizzards with plantain and cilantro.
Duck Soup, Chinese Style 1 stewing duck, or the feet, necks, gizzards, and hearts from 2 ducks 1/4 to 1/2 lb.
The beef chicken, chicken chicken, and lamb heart, chicken varieties are made with liver, chicken 65% meat, organs, and gizzards, finely bones to 35% vegetables, ground chicken eggs, and other bones, carrots, ingredients (things like broccoli, cabbage, herbs, honey, apple sweet potatoes, and cider vinegar, etc).
A quick skim through GQ's Twitter timeline reveals threats to castrate GQ writers, promises to stab out their eyes, mutilate their gizzards and feed them to the dogs.
Plisko (1996a: 287-293) erected a new genus, Michalakus, for the only species, Michalakus initus Plisko, 1996; the new genus shared a complex of Tritogenia's generic characteristics but differed by having two gizzards.
Meat on a stick is universal, but the Korean street-food version includes chicken gizzards, grilled rice cakes, ginkgo nuts, and Korean sauces with kimchi juice.
Four of eight robins with full gizzards had whole undigested crabapples within the gizzard.
This was then scalded in a scalding medium at a controlled temperature followed be defeathering using picking method and eviscerating after which the poultry was washed and the liver, gizzards and muscles were removed from the body.
The head of the sanitary and veterinary authority, Dvsva, has said that analysis of the starlings' gizzards showed they had died from alcohol poisoning.
The mean percent yields for gizzards of birds from the different farms (Table 3), farms A, B, C and D (Tables 4 to 7) were found to be significantly different (p< 0.
Everybody thinks that unless chickens have a good supply of grit in their gizzards, they won't be able to grind up whole corn, but I don't think it's true.