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the name that precedes the surname

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66 I have found, however, two transactions in which religious women (who in spite of their given names were probably Latin) made seemingly interest-free loans to Latin men.
Should anomalies be identified on unnamed blocks, these blocks will be given names and reported.
The original NameParser was developed to determine the proper divisions between surnames and given names," said Jack Hermansen, CEO of Language Analysis Systems.
James - host of US TV shows Monster Garage and Motorcycle Mania - charges more than pounds 25,000 to customise machines given names such as The Undertaker and 666 El Diablo.
Language Analysis Systems, makers of advanced multi-cultural name recognition software, today announced availability of LAS NameParser(TM), a new technology to help organizations parse ethnically diverse personal names from more than 200 countries into given names and surnames.
A total of 3,507 kids born in 2004 were given names shared with no other children north of the Border.
Repeated attempts to correct the problem have created situations usually reserved for the most perverse Dilbert cartoons on customer service, including being given names to call back to find "no one with that name works here," the Gable Group said.
He tells us: "They're very charismatic animals and have all been given names.
The animals given names such as Buttercup, Daisy and Gertrude are happier, more relaxed and produce more milk than those just treated as part of a herd, it is claimed.
All the pups in the litter had to be given names beginning with the letter B to help distinguish them from other litters.
All houses, buildings, streets, roads and communities will be numbered and given names to make it easy for people to find an address," he said.
They are frequently named by the person who found them or by the hospital staff where they are taken, often given names relating to the place they were found or the time of year.
The Japanese government has now given names to all 99 remote islands defining the EEZ where Japan has sole rights for exploration of natural resources.
COWS been given names such as Hufen or Daisy are said to produce more milk than nameless cattle.
At birth, they had been given names such as "Nakusa" or "Nakushi", which mean "unwanted" in Hindi.