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In April, 23 officers were given life sentences in the first phase of the trial, with the whole process expected to conclude in January 2014.
Paul Benfield, 16, and Kevin Adu-Marcet, 15, were both given life detention sentences at the Old Bailey, with a minimum term of 13 years, and Jordan Conn, 15, life with a minimum 11 years, after being convicted of murder.
Paul Benfield, 16, and Kevin Adu-Marcet, 15, were both given life detention sentences with a minimum term of 13 years after being convicted of murder.
Those conditions, as well as the liquid water they may have produced, could have given life a foothold.
This idea of the resurrection of the dead is, in a sense, a completion of the creation story: We spring from the earth and are given life through God's breath (Gen.
The need for the rituals of invocation and exorcism suggested by the music and speech are here given life through driven, hypnotic dances that culminate in a demonic, exhilarating ensemble, then dissipate back to intimate duos--the simmering, continuous life that both precedes and survives the exorcism.
2 million Endowment Campaign has been given life and direction.
In recent years, life settlements have given life insurance policyowners over $1 billion over the cash surrender value in unneeded, underperforming or unaffordable policies.
A WITNESS in the original Damilola Taylor trial laughed as he was given life yesterday for a gangland murder.
AN avenging mother and her two sons were given life yesterday for murdering a 16-year-old boy.
The ruling commuted the death sentences of California's Death Row inmates, including Charles Manson, who were given life terms instead.
The California Association of Urban League Executives (CAULE) -- citing a recent report finding that, under the current "Three Strikes" law, African Americans are given life sentences at nearly 13 times the rate of Whites, and that Latinos are incarcerated 82 percent more than Whites - strongly urges voters to approve Proposition 66, which reforms the state's Three Strikes law.
The tale of the wooden puppet who is given life has entertained countless children through the years, but it's the story's moral underpinnings that give it resonance.
William Bell, 39, was given life nine years ago when a court found him guilty of driving the getaway car for the murder gang which shot GAA official Jack Kielty.
She has given life to the trust, and it's the trust that gives life to Balanchine's work.