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He also tells them that the Father wants to give life and even raises the dead, and so he (Jesus) does the same.
Take Water, Give Life works as a sales programme designed to donate 1 AED to Al Jalila Foundation for every litre of Monviso mineral water sold by programme participants.
Dreams for Veterans will give life to Edwards' final Dream by providing her with the funds she needs to purchase several outfits and to have them properly tailored.
I was not able to have children of my own but I can give life in another way.
THE Andy Morgan - Give Life a Chance Foundation aims to spread a message of hope to everyone who has lost someone to suicide and those suffering with depression.
1 : to give life or energy to : make alive or lively Her performance animates the movie.
The tragedy has now prompted Nyila and her 39-year-old supermarket worker husband to become ambassadors for a national transplant charity, Live Life Then Give Life.
Birmingham Women's Hospital's Give Hope, Give Life appeal aims to raise awareness of egg donation and address the shortage of available eggs.
I subscribe to Egards, the French Canadian social conservative journal, and I think what the founders have undertaken can be a great asset to the renewal of Quebec's French and Catholic culture, but I pray that in trying to re-establish the intellectual, political and institutional traditions of French Canada they will continue to work in close association with the Church, the only foundation able to give life to any cultural group or institutions.
In a nutshell: A couple of fine actors give life to a complex play.
Dreams give life its magic, cause us to act, and fuel our reality, Card tells us, and he does so in a way guaranteed to make YAs curious about A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Thanks to the mag to make such things as these happen--simple, ordinary, yet authentic instances that give life a few sparkles of realness.
Paradoxically, this search so often leads to death rather than life as such overload kills the very mechanisms which give life through poisoning our organs (heart andbrain) and bringing disease to reproductive systems.
You can do your bit for the WBS by pledging to become a donor as part of the Echo's Give Blood Give Life appeal.
GIVE THANKS, GIVE LIFE This Thanksgiving, join the "Give Thanks, Give Life" campaign to raise awareness about life-saving donations.