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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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In a previous study, we found adherence benefits in the 20% range for OD venlafaxine extended-release versus BID venlafaxine as well as OD glipizide GITS versus BID glipizide but did not account for dosing as was done in this study.
Cohort Demographics Glipizide GITS OD Glipizide BID P Value No.
Let's hope GIT will do a better job than CRASH of walking the fine line between Chief William Bratton's ``assertive'' policing and LAPD's old ``aggressive'' policing.
The GITS Board, born out of a mandate by Vice President Al Gore, is a government-wide organization responsible for accelerating the development and implementation of the government's IT infrastructure.
The Center of Excellence for Information Technology (CEIT), sponsored by the GITS Board, is a clearinghouse for proven IT best practices in the public and private sectors.
Day traders and institutional traders are now following the tweets of professional investors in an effort to beat the market," said Gits.
GITS expects the temporary revenue fall-off will be shallow as client demand for application integration and BPO refills sales pipelines in the first and second quarters.
In the ENCORE I study long-acting Adalat(R) GITS 60mg was shown to significantly improve coronary endothelial function, a marker of early atherosclerosis, by almost 90% compared to placebo after six months treatment in patients undergoing a coronary intervention.
Development Teams Can Now Use Git to Collaborate on Code That Is Automatically Synchronized with a Mainline Branch for DevOps Efficiency and Security
GIT Satellite Communications has confirmed that GIT Satellite Communications X-Track Asset Management System has met the requirements necessary to be designated as an Iridiumâ LBS Premium Portal Provider in connection with the Iridium Extreme satellite phone.
As GIT celebrates 50 years of service to CPAs, California CPA sat down with Susan Young, GIT executive director, and Gale Case, GIT board of trustees chair, to learn how GIT is still providing solutions half a century later.
Government Services Administration Approval Enables GIT to Sell Services, Products and Solutions to Government Agencies
Latest Version of Tower 2 Git Client Includes Helix GitSwarm Integration
Welsh git Keith Heare complained about the thick Yorkshire accent of Alan Swales, treasurer of the Retired Men's Association in Pontypool, Gwent.
New SCM and Content Collaboration Platform Adds Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) Capabilities, Git Management, IP Threat Detection, and Cloud Service