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a Spanish male Gypsy

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Gitane Du Berlais then took a major rise in class for a Grade 1 at Sandown and she passed that test with flying colours.
While the Willie Mullins-trained Gitane Du Berlais ran out an impressive winner of the Scilly Isles Novices' Chase at Sandown.
At Sandown, Gitane Du Berlais propelled herself into the reckoning for the JLT Novices' Chase at the Cheltenham Festival when taking the Betfred TV Scilly Isles Novices' Chase by eight lengths from top English prospect
Betfred were impressed and cut Gitane du Berlais to 16-1 from 50s for the JLT Novices' Chase at the Cheltenham Festival.
At the quaint Gitane in San Francisco, Chef Jason Tuley stuffs dried plums with goat cheese and wraps them in prosciutto with a citrus gastrique and calls these appetizers, bonbons.
7) Qui n'est pas sans evoquer celui de Precieuse (Preciosa), la belle danseuse gitane dans La Gi tanilla (1613) de Cervantes.
Formerly luxury lingerie shop Mixona, Consolo says 262 Mort Street makes an ideal location for both fashion and food, and its surrounded by such trendsetting neighbors as Gas Bijoux, Cafr Gitane, Belle by Sigerson Mornson, and the original Calypso.
But that hasn't stopped me watching each week on the off-chance he might finally leap across the service counter and grab the preening, floppy-haired peacock JJ by his peroxide curtains and stub out a lit Gitane on his temple shouting: " A scotch egg on ah plate eez not cooking
Portugal produces some very solid country wines that are an easy fit with the bistro fare at Gitane," says Sean Diggins, wine director at Gitane and Cafe Claude, also in San Francisco.
Luc Levy will open Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel after being prevented from opening a multi-level restaurant on Bond Street.
Gitane Blue Drucker Chaise Fouquet Basic, pounds 295; Metier tall-back chair, pounds 460; Luxembourg armchair, pounds 600; Circular tric-trac table, pounds 850; Bridge table, pounds 800; White ceramic soup terrine, pounds 190; Cassonade, pounds 75; Amour et Reconnaissance 1882 celebration souvenir plaque, pounds 95; 1930's tin storage jars, pounds 225; and French oblong ceramic dishes, pounds 14 each STOP dreaming about a chic apartment in one of the French capital's most fashionable districts, and create one.
To finish, Refined Golden Bronzer was applied to the face and Gitane gloss to the lips.
8 At Gitane, expect inspired French classics--sometimes with a twist--all made from scratch, including the bread.
With him Vostell refined his pop graphic sense and would apply the techniques used to sell Ricard, Cinzano, and Gitane to the politics of confrontation, while studying the Talmud, Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, and Jung.
Selon Henriette Aseo, meme si l'intelligentsia tsigane veut aujourd'hui repenser l'identite gitane sur la base de l'histoire et de la culture, ce projet est difficile realiser dans la mesure ou ni le nomadisme ni la langue (il y en a plusieurs) ni les origines indiennes (les Tsiganes les ignorent) ne suffisent a definir l'identite tsigane (dans Williams 1989).