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(Hinduism) the sacred 'song of God' composed about 200 BC and incorporated into the Mahabharata (a Sanskrit epic)

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I respect Bible and Quran but they are not central to soul of India in the way as Gita and Ramayana are.
Its call for selfless action inspired many leaders of the independence movement, including the Father of India Mahatma Gandhi who referred to the Gita as his "spiritual dictionary".
The 33-year-old Congress woman wrote elaborately on Facebook about the copy of the Gita she had presented Modi.
Just as seen in the Gita with Arjuna, a character's search for or disregard of dharma inspires action depicted in contemporary literature.
The case filed by state prosecutors in the Siberian city of Tomsk stated that the translated version of the Bhagvad Gita was extremist and would create a divide among the people of different beliefs.
GPC-GIS will hold exclusive rights to represent GITA events and programs in MENA and will mainly manage marketing, promotion and local facilitation of GEMENI regional events and services.
Gita paused to reflect, with aroha and unconditional positive regard, on the part Florence Nightingale played in this refusal to accept Mrs Seacole.
Two very distinct conceptual variations are visible in the rendering of this extraordinary theme, both inspired by Shri Krishna's exposition of Vishvarupa in the 11th adhyaya of the Gita.
On the basis of what we've heard so far, we believe it would be wrong to disown this collaboration, but we take Gita Sahgal's concerns seriously and are reviewing our work.
Department of Agriculture's fine a "pathetic conclusion" to the investigation into the death of Gita, a 48-year-old Asian elephant.
The Bhagavad Gita effectively describes Christ as "the Lord who dwells in every creature" and "the Self who lives within.
I'll see you tomorrow then," says Gita and she walks past me.
Godiva Lions president Gita Mistry decided to donate money from this year's event to the cancer ward at University Hospital after her mother-inlaw died from skin cancer.
Following college graduation, she meets up with Rajan's parents, Gita and Mr.