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a member of the moderate republican party that was in power during the French Revolution

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Like his encounter with the principle of utility and his romance with the Girondists, Mill's engagement with Bentham's atheism proved a deep and abiding experience that would inform his labors for the remainder of his life.
Wordsworth the Girondist is chased into consciousness by the ghost of a text and event that figures waking life as witnessing crimes as terrible as Macbeth's regicide and murder.
Count Stanislaus de Clermon-Tonnerre (a Girondist member of the National Assembly), December 23, 1789, cited in Raphael Mahler, A History of Modern Jewry 1780-1815 (New York: Schocken, 1971), p.
A Girondist member of the Legislative Assembly that deposed Louis XVI, Condorcet nevertheless fell victim of the Terror, was arrested and died in prison two days later.
81] In the course of the interview, she handed him a list of alleged Girondist conspirators.
WHO overthrew the Girondists in the French Revolution?