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the French moderate political party that was in power (1791-1793) during the French Revolution

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Departement de la gironde President, Departement de la Gironde
Rehabilitation of the surface course in bituminous concrete on county roads of the Gironde,
the Transport of results once a day from Monday to Friday and sampling equipment Tuesday and Friday between CH and South Gironde Cadillac CH under regular shuttles.
This contract is for the commissioning of VoIP and the provision of new compatible VoIP phone systems for facilities of the colleges of the Gironde and possibly other entities to respond to technological developments and to optimize the following - Improve telephone reception,- Provide a single directory- Benefit from a centralized technical management and centralized taxation,- Harmonize the numbering plans,- Optimizing telecommunications costs.
Major organization : DEePARTEMENT DE LA GIRONDE (22330001300016)
immeuble Gironde marches publics niveau accueil Gironde
Contract notice: Purchase of aggregates for the technical centre for gironde habitat.