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Synonyms for girlfriend

Synonyms for girlfriend

any female friend

a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved

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To mark this day, here are some quotes that you can share with your girlfriend or you BFF.
In the DZMM interview, Alvarez was asked by the host Noli De Castro about the news reports his spat with Floirendo was because of a rift between the two congressmen's girlfriends.
The donation resulted from the 8th annual Victorious Woman's Girlfriend Gala held on May 21, 2014 at Edgmont Country Club.
Lavie explained that, "We want to use the procedure the IDF has in place for notifying grandparents and siblings and apply it to girlfriends as well.
15 ( ANI ): An Internet venture is offering a Facebook girlfriend for just five dollars.
Loew believes it's good to have wives and girlfriends staying at a hotel close to the team HQ.
Wales' own WAGs Boutique will stock designer donations at a snip of the price - as worn by Alix Popham's wife Jo, Sonny Parker's girlfriend Julie Cockram, Roger Johnson's wife Melissa, Paul Parry's girlfriend Sam Williams, Robert Sowden-Taylor's girlfriend Elinor Hydes and Chris Czekaj's girlfriend Pat Roberts.
I'm 23 and met my girlfriend at a party when she was 17, three years ago.
Her girlfriends help her with these questions, but Marilyn knows it's up to her to find meaning in her life.
Jess doesn't know if Sari loves David or if she just yearns to be popular and successful as David and his girlfriend are.
To bolster the ranks of fake girlfriends, the website is inviting women to send in their profiles, with a 50 percent profit-sharing incentive.
The sitcom ``The Game'' is a spinoff of UPN's popular ``Girlfriends'' and concerns the wives and girlfriends of professional football players.
I consider myself a kind and considerate man and I've worshipped my girlfriends.