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Synonyms for girlfriend

Synonyms for girlfriend

any female friend

a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved

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An eyewitness to his death said: ``His girl friend didn't know whether he was in the water or just mucking about hiding behind a car.
He said: ''I confide in the girls and tell them all my problems and I treat them like a surrogate girl friend or partner.
Police chief Michael Edwards said they saw Taylor walking with two knives in his hand toward his girl friend Kim Thompson, 18.
He found refuge up a palm tree on the beach - his girl friend is feared drowned.
The man had disappeared and his girl friend didn't know whether he was in the water or just mucking about hiding behind a car.
An onlooker said: "He linked arms with a girl friend and looked slightly unsteady.
Just released from jail, Lupe enlists Whitney's help in getting her young son back from her brother's new Korean girl friend, Kim John Oh.
She was joined by Malene Holst, girl friend of Liverpool defender Djimi Traore.
THIS is the moment when Coronation Street's fiery-tempered Tommy Nelson knocks out his son Craig in a rage, thinking the teenager is having underage sex with his Goth girl friend Rosie Webster.
The 21-year-old singer hit the trendy new Los Angeles nightspot White Lotus near Sunset Strip with a girl friend.
Benjamin James Burgin, 23, had been on a 14-hour drinking binge with his girl friend Antonia Birch.
Liz, Tim's girl friend of two years, has been crossing the Atlantic to spend time with him.
A BLACKSMITH rigged up CCTV in his bathroom to secretly film his girl friend undressing and having sex with him.
But what about Kevin's girl friend Alison removing two meals from the oven, plonking them on the table - and then saying that if he was hungry, she could get him something to eat?