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a beam made usually of steel

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The objective of this research is to develop recommendations and guidelines for the inspection, evaluation, and repair or other needed safety and operational response related to damaged prestressed concrete girders.
Judge David Wynn Morgan was told there had been various methods for lifting the girders and the company had been at fault in not clearly identifying one which should be used every time.
He said that work on preparation of girders should speed up and asked construction companies to submit report about their arrangements for import of pads of girders from foreign countries.
He said he was sidestepping along girders beneath the road and river crossing which separates the village of Treforest from the valley town and stones were thrown at him.
spans--nine girders across twin structures bearing eastbound and westbound lanes.
A NORTH EAST steel fabrication firm has manufactured a series of 40m (131ft) rafters for part of an earthquake-proof facility in Cheshire - its longest plate girders to date.
Horizontally curved plate girders are frequently employed in the construction of modern highway bridges (Hall 1996) in view of their aesthetic appearance and ease of construction where the road alignment requires such curvature.
Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC told jurors: "An employee of NEMOC was operating a large crane and was in the process of lowering the cross beam that had been unbolted when it appears the plate girders became unstable.
Preliminary inspection suggests that the bearings on the other girders are also placed wrongly which means the entire flyover is unstable.
DOUGLAS - Local, state and school officials sign the last two steel girders before they are hoisted onto the roof of the new Douglas Elementary School during a topping-off ceremony on Sept.
com)-- Oldcastle Precast - Central Pre-Mix Prestress located in Spokane, WA was contracted to manufacture and deliver the prestressed concrete WF 83 Super Girders used to construct the new Appleway Bridge over the Spokane River just west of the Washington-Idaho border.
Salt Lake City -- HANSON STRUCTURAL PRECAST is participating in the $135 million EXPRESSLINK project in Salt Lake City by designing and manufacturing 92 of the largest concrete girders in Utah.
The design, fabrication, and testing of a second-generation UHPC pi-girder modular bridge component demonstrated the viability of the decked UHPC modular girders concept for use in conventional and accelerated bridge construction.
EUROPE'S largest crane yesterday lowered mammoth girders into place to make a new motorway bridge over the Clyde.