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French novelist and dramatist whose plays were reinterpretations of Greek myths (1882-1944)

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Se rememorant la mort de son mar et la comparant a la mort de Hans, dans Ondine de Giraudoux, elle denonce le regime de Vichy et de la collaboration:
Address for correspondence: Patrick Giraudoux, Chrono-environment, University of Franche-Comte, place Leclerc, 25030 Besancon Cedex, France; email: patrick.
The early novels Suzanne et le Pacifique (1921; translated as Suzanne and the Pacific, 1923) and Juliette au pays des hommes (1924) show Giraudoux 's predilection for young female characters who represent the candid innocence of divinity, of nature, and of ideal truth.
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We might come to understand that there was a whole other category of greatness inhabited by writers such as Buchner and Kleist, Wedekind and Sternheim, Anouilh and Giraudoux, Pirandello and Betti.
An inspiration to writers, artists, and psychologists, Sodom and Gomorrah and their legendary wickedness have been the subject of numerous dramas, including the medieval mystery play History of Lot and Abraham and modern plays by Jean Giraudoux and Nikos Kazantzakis.
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A pesar de ello, Torres Bodet nos explicaba a Giraudoux, a Gide, a Valery Larbaud y a Lacretelle como si estuviese ante el mas amplio y riguroso auditorio, y sus exposiciones tenian esa elegancia, esa perfeccion y esa brillantez que luego me serian familiares.
Santini devotes the final pages of her study to a survey of attempts by other writers to treat classical myth in Hauptmann's lifetime (though she makes no mention of the notable achievements of French and American authors such as Sartre, Giraudoux, and O'Neill) and draws the conclusion that although he was acutely aware of the crisis civilization was undergoing, he was, unlike his major contemporaries, unable to forego his belief in its abiding wholeness.
The Japanese premiere of West Side Story also had an enormous influence on Keita Asari, the leader of the Shiki Theatrical Company, which until 1964 had focused on works by Japanese playwrights, as well as French dramas by the likes of Anouilh and Giraudoux.
Maurice Maeterlinck's play Pelleas and Melisande (1892) was in part based on this myth, as was Ondine (1939), a drama by Jean Giraudoux.
Contract notice: Curie layout of streets, hugo and giraudoux at the palais-sur-vienne.
Didier Bompangue,* ([dagger]) Patrick Giraudoux, ([dagger]) Pascal Handschumacher, ([double dagger]) Martine Piarroux, ([dagger]) Bertrand Sudre, ([dagger]) Mosiana Ekwanzala, ([section]) Ilunga Kebela,* and Renaud Piarroux ([dagger])
Predominan las letras francesas, las del grupo de la Nouvelle Revue Francais; encabezadas por Andre Gide, y los poetas Valery, Cocteau, Supervielle y Eluard, y los prosistas Proust, Giraudoux, Morand, Maurois y Valery Larbaud.
France had led the world in revolutionizing postwar drama courtesy of Giraudoux, Sartre, Camus, Vian, Ionesco, Adamov, Beckett and others, all of whose works sprung from modest, privately owned theatres.